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Management Easier

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Fill out the form below to nominate us to receive prescriptions from your GP.

2. Order your prescription
After requesting your prescription, your GP will sign it off and send it to us electronically.

3. Collect from us
We receive electronic prescriptions immediately, so you can collect it from us at your convenience.

4. Let us deliver to you
In some cases, we can deliver them to you for free.

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management easier.

Let Abrar Rehman Pharmacy receive electronic prescriptions from your GP.

This service is the fastest method of getting your prescriptions to you. Being electronic means they can be sent immediately to us once your GP signs them off, so you receive them quicker, travel less, and avoid hassle with paper. Overall, they are much more secure, reliable and convenient than paper prescriptions.

Let us make medicine management easier. Fill out the form below to sign up and streamline how you receive your prescriptions.